h a i r e x t e n s i o n a f t e r c a r e 

If you have had bonds fitted, do not wash your hair for 48 hours, this allows the bonds to set fully. 

Brush your extensions twice a day using a tangle teaser or similar brush starting at the ends and working up, sectioning your hair if needed. Also brush over the bonded area to prevent matting, don’t be scared to do this. 

Keep your head upright and massage gently when washing. Do not submerge your hair back into bath water. Apply shampoo to your root area, washing 1-2 times. Your extensions themselves do not need shampooed. 

We recommend only to shampoo your hair 2-3 times per week. Use dry shampoo when needed. 

We strongly recommend that you only use the products we recommend on your hair extensions when washing. Label.M Honey & Oat works amazing with extensions as it has added properties in it that will feed your hair. You can get this from the salon. 

When applying conditioner only apply to the mid-lengths and ends (from you ponytail down), gently comb through with your tangle teaser, let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. 

Use oils or serums on your extensions before drying to keep the extensions hydrated. We supply two different oils in the salon that work perfectly. 

Your natural hair gets fed sebum from your scalp, extensions don’t receive this and this is what keeps your hair soft and tangle free. Around every 10 days leave a conditioning treatment to mid lengths and ends for 15-20 mins then rinse. This will keep your extensions soft, nourished and hydrated. For better results we recommend using the Label. M Honey & Oat Mask, or book yourself into the salon for a blow dry.

DO NOT use hair straighteners/wands every day on your extensions, this will damage the hair and shorten the life span of your extensions rapidly. Always use a medium heat and use a heat protector. 

Ensure the hair dryer nozzle is on when drying, point the dryer down the hair shaft from root to tip. This closes the cuticle and keeps the hair looking shiny and prevents frizzing. We don’t recommend letting your extensions ‘air dry.’ 

Do not attempt to lighten your hair extensions, this hair has already been through a chemical process, any further processing will cause the hair to brake, snap and dry out. 

Bond loss varies from client to client, some loose none, and others lose a few here and there. This is a normal occurrence in the hair extension process, don’t panic. 

Summer holidays will shorten the life span of your extensions due to sun exposure and other elements. If your extensions come into contact with seawater, rinse with clean water and apply a conditioning treatment. Chemicals in the pool, suncream and hotel boilers can cause extensions to turn pink/orange. Don’t panic, this can be removed by using lemon juice or a Malibu C Hard Water Treatment. 

The life span of your bonds can be affected where any physical activity is carried out regularly, excessive sweating can cause bond deterioration. Constant damp environments i.e. sauna/steam and chlorine from swimming can also cause bond deterioration. 

Ensure you keep to your twelve-week removal date, as after this point the distance between the bond and scalp becomes too large and the bonds will twist and dread lock. The bonds become noticeable and irreversible damage can be caused to the natural hair. We recommend you book in for a blow dry every 4-6 weeks. 

We advise you to plait your hair extensions before going to bed to prevent matting. DO NOT go to bed with wet extensions.